Posted on Dec 30, 2018

Optimal Nutrition & Fitness

Tips for Safe, Healthy and Successful Weight Loss

In a recent CNN article written by Jacqueline Howard, these following healthier eating tips will give you a head start to reaching your weight management goals.

Maintain a high level of physical activity. Shoot for 3 to 5 hours a week of moderate activity such as swift walking, life cycling, etc.
Keeping track of your weight loss progress by weighing yourself frequently. This is a favorite of mine. I weigh myself everyday. That way, there are no surprises and I can look for opportunities to tweak my program.
Log your diet and activities. This helps for the same reasons as weighing yourself. It's easier to manage your program when you have it written out in front of you.
React quickly to small increases in weight gain. This way, you won't have a big chore later.

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