Posted on Jul 31, 2019

John Burson Nutritionist

Many of my clients have trouble staying on track with their nutrition plans when they eat out. It's very hard to resist the temptation of gorging on delicious tasting food at popular restaurants and family gatherings. Also, business dinners can be challenging. Most of them decide to give in & count these feasts as cheap meals. This is l well and good. However, when this happens more than once a week, what can you do to stay on track? I have a few suggestions for you.
1. When you know you are facing a night of eating out or a family feast, make sure you eat well throughout the day. This way, you won't be starving at the time of the event. Also, make sure you eat fiber rich foods. This will cure your appetite.
2. When possible, have a salad or vegetable appetizer. This will give you a fuller feeling before the main course comes. Fruit is okay. However, try to eat more raw or steamed vegetables. They help stabilize your insulin levels.
3. When you serve yourself, choose the portion sizes that you follow on your plan. Avoid high sugar and salty foods. Choose water over soda. If someone else is serving, politely let them know the amount you want.
4. Don't announce that you are on a diet. Typically, this brings negative attention to your efforts. Invariably, there will be someone there who will try to get you to stray from your plans by saying, " Just this once won't hurt." Essentially, you don't want your eating routine to be a big deal.
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